Sustainable Supply Chain CRC

Why Supply Chain and Logistics?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility, risks and lack of resiliency facing Australian supply chains. Improving supply chain performance and responsibility has become a critical issue. Many CEOs across all industries are saying they face significant skills shortages in key supply chain roles. Added to this, 27 countries (including Australia) are committed to net zero in law, creating a need to decarbonise supply chains. But decarbonizing supply chains is hard: Even leading companies struggle to get the data they need and to set targets and standards to which their suppliers should adhere. The Sustainable Supply Chain CRC will deliver an innovation ecosystem to support the redesign of Australia’s domestic and international supply chains to meet sustainability targets at affordable economic and social costs.


To establish sustainable, resilient, sovereign and globally competitive supply chain capability for Australia.


To create a global hub for cutting-edge research, development, and implementation of sustainable supply chain practices.

Value Proposition

Sustainable Supply Chain CRC will deliver an innovation hub supporting Australia’s economic future through green, responsible and competitive domestic and export supply chains. We aim to bring all stakeholders together to provide sustainable end-to-end supply chain solutions.

For Industry

Participation in the CRC will ensure your access to Australia’s best researchers helping you to become global thought leaders and solve your organisation’s sustainability supply chain challenges. 2:1 leveraged
government funding

For Government

A sustainable, resilient and globally competitive supply chain is critical to our economic future and our national security. Through industry-led partnerships, Australia’s supply chains will move towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

For Universities

University participation will help shape Australia’s economic, social and environmental future. Your participation will help build innovation, capability, critical mass and prominence for your organisation and provide you with valuable industry connections and opportunities for collaboration.